Bali – “Island of Gods”, “Island of thousand temples”, “Paradise Island”, all those slogans are true. Bali is just class of its own and is one of the most popular tourist destination on our Globe.

Bali enjoys light tropical climate round the year with average day temperatures +30-32’C during the day and about +22-26’C during night time in coastal areas and respectively about +24-26’C/18-20’C in inner or higher elevated areas as Ubud, Kintamani or Bratan. Tourism is practiced round year herealthough due to overseas holidays Bali has two high seasons for tourism: June-September and December-March. During those month prices for hotels and some other tourist services are higher. Bali has two seasons: dry season lasts from April to November and wet season from December to March. Wet season on Bali doesn’t mean heavy every day showers as monsoon rains in India, Sri Lanka or Caribbean Islands etc. Rains falls mostly night time, during day rains just sometimes and sunny weather is broken by short rains. Completely cloudy days occur rarely mostly in January- February. During wet season there are also plenty of sunny days. If your time is flexible and you are budget minded best period for travel is April-May and October-November when weather is perfect and prices are lower than in high and Peak season.
Going to Bali, dress casually. Take light clothes, as the weather is warm to hot throughout the year. Remember Bali is a land where prayer and religious festivals take centre stage. When visiting a temple or attending ceremonies, make it a point to respect local customs and traditions and wear sarong. Beautiful batik sarongs costs just few dollars.

Bali is Paradise Island not only because of wonderful landscapes, sandy beaches, light tropical climate, unique culture and architecture, thousands of hotels from which several are counted as the best hotels in the world but because has such wide range of attractions which may fulfill every demand and purpose of travel. So reason of travelling to Bali could be:
JUST HOLIDAYS: we have more than 3000 hotels on Bali from small boutique family owned through 1-2-3-4-5* stars hotels. Best known Bali holiday resorts are : Kuta, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Sanur on the South, Lovina on the North and Candidassa on the East.
What resort to chose? 
Nusa Dua: it is the most famous resort on Bali, one of the most famous on the World and perhaps the most luxurious hotel zone in the World. Hotel Zone is built on a completely uninhabited area that’s why all hotels there are extremely spacious, lies in huge tropical gardens and all have direct access to the beach. All hotels there are 5* or 5*lux and are surrounded by golf course, parks, gardens, ponds, and restaurants and shopping complex. This is quiet, tranquil, luxurious zone. No discos or night clubs are there. Kuta is accessible by taxi within apx 20 minutes.
Kuta: it is bustling city nearby airport and capital Denpasar. Kuta is famous of its surfers beach, discos, night clubs, shops, bars, Water Park, shopping malls. There is mixture of hotels from 1* till 5*. If you stay in Kuta everything you may have within walking distance.
Sanur: is mixture of Kuta and Nusa Dua. Its generally quiet, green resort with mixture of hotels from 2* till 5*. Less elegant than Nusa Dua but with busy shops, bars in some areas. All three resorts are on the south of island. Transfer from airport to Nusa Dua takes apx 25 min, to Kuta 10-20 minutes, to Sanur 20-25 minutes.
Ubud: people who like to discover culture, enjoy view on rice fields choose stay in Ubud. Ubud is a cultural capitol of Bali and have more than 200 art galleries ( painting, wooden carving, handicrafts ) and hundreds of art shops. There is accommodation from 5*+ till 1* or in boutique hotels or villas. It is main “expats” centre of island. Very popular and trendy between actors, journalists, artists, musicians and celebrities from around the World. “Mozaic”, best restaurant on island is located there together with dozens of another ones. Ubud lies in central Bali, north from Denpasar ( 1hr drive ) on altitude from 700 till 900m above sea level and enjoys perfect temperatures about 26’C round the year!, clearly cooler than in beach resorts!
Candidasa: quiet place on South-East of Island apx 2 hours drive from airport. There is no big supermarkets, shops, bars, discos there. Beaches are small and rocky.
Lovina: it’s resort on the North of Island, apx 3-4 hours drive from airport. Beaches in Lovina are dark grey and even black as sand comes from lava from neighboring volcanoes. In Lovina and Candidasa there is not big high class hotels.
All Western part of Bali is still covered by primary jungle rain forests and it’s Bali Barat National Park. Jungle trekking, Eco resorts are main attractions of this part of Bali. On the East large volcanoes Agung ( 3142 m ) Batucaru ( 2276m ), Batur ( 1727m ) are waiting for adventure travelers.


Only Thailand can compete with Bali in terms of number and quality of SPA. In Kuta, Sanur and Seminyak are dozens of popular category Spa where 1hr oil massage costs just 7-8 USD. Real beautiful oriental SPA are everywhere and sophisticated treatments costs there from 30 till 100USD per few hour treatments. Many Balinese SPA can be counted as the best in the World.


Coral reefs are surrounding East coast of Bali and south neighboring islands : Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Cenida. Diving spots in Amed and Tulamben are classified as one of the best in the World once diving nearby Nusa Penida is one of best in planet for Manta spotting.
Polow handle all divers and snooker’s needs include boat and equipment rental, dive masters and logistic services.



Bali among other south east Asian countries could be counted as a Gourmet Paradise. On this relatively small Island all tropical spices, fruits and vegetables are grown. Local gastronomy partly is different to neighboring ones ( Thai, Malay, Vietnamese ) partly similar. We have created unique program for gastronomy lovers which covers visiting on local markets, plantations ( coffee, tea, pineapple, vanilla, pepper, cocoa, ), visiting modern food markets, cooking classes and lunch and dinners in selected restaurants where food testing panel will presented to customers.


After wonderful quiet relax in beach resort or in rural Ubud Kuta-Legian-Seminyak it is a place for night entertainment. Countless drink bars, night bars, discos, night clubs, karaoke lounges are in those resorts giving to all: holiday makers as well as for incentive groups opportunity to have crazy time at night. Famous KuDeTa and Hard Rock Club are among the most popular spots.


India, Sri Lanka and Bali are most important World centers for yoga classes and meditation trainings. We have number of hotels & centers which are specializing in Yoga classes and vegetarian eco food.


If your time for visiting Bali is flexible ( for leisure travel and for MICE groups) please consult with us first best time for visiting Bali as during certain dates Bali looks completely different than during regular time. Balinese are using two different calendars. Balinese year has 210 days so we have New Year celebrations twice a year ( every 210 days ) and Balinese festive time so-called Galungan and Kuningan lasts for 10 days. Beside this every temple every 210 days celebrate anniversary of its foundation and all neighboring community have 4 days colorful festival called Odalan. Many other festivals and ceremonies are round the year making this Island so unique and colorful. If you are interested to observe Balinese rituals please consult with us best time for visiting Bali.


Bali starling (Leucopsar rothschildi) rarest bird in the World attract many “bird watchers” for coming to Bali. Bali Starling can be spotted in wild in Bali Barat National Park. One of the most amazing bird parks is also located on Bali:


Bali is Paradise for soft-adventure travelers. You may do almost all possible activities here starting from jungle trekking on the West, volcano and mountain climbing, trekking and walking in between rice fields (terraces), cycling on asphalt side roads and off road in between rice paddies and terraces, riding on quads in subak canals ( water supply canals for rice terraces ), driving off-road by 4WD, doing motocross, river tubing, rafting on rivers and do Ocean Rafting and you may practice your physical skills in TreeTop Adventure Park. All this kind of adventures is organized by our IndonesiaAdventure division: 


We have on Bali three Top World Class parks: Bali Safari and Marine Park , Taro Elephant Park and Bali Bird Park. Those park are highly recommended for families with children as well for incentive groups. 


Elephant rides are available in both above parks Taro and Bali Safari Park and are recommended for individual tourists and for incentive groups.


Unique fleet of “phinisi schooners” is based on Bali, Komodo and Raja Ampat. All schooners are luxury and available for day cruises, fixed departure one – two weeks cruises and for charters. Number of large catamarans are cruising daily between Bali and Nusa Lembongan and Gili Islands. Catamarans are available also for charter private cruises for incentive groups. Fisherman boats ( include boats with fighting seats are available for big game fishing lovers. Blue marlin, barracuda, wahoo, mahi-mahi, giant trevally, ruby snapper, tuna and many others. We organize special fishing tours by local traditional boat with local fishermen ( available for individuals and for smaller incentive groups ).


Shopping is one of the MUST as Bali is biggest producer of handicrafts in the World. Thousands of handicrafts masters are producing amazing pieces of arts. Wooden mask and statues, limestone carvings, lava carvings, batik handicrafts, shell and silver arts are among most popular items purchased by tourist. Most of handicrafts are real art. Best place for handicrafts shopping is chain of large handicrafts super-markets so called Oleh-Oleh and countless number of boutiques and galleries in Ubud. In between modern articles garments, shoes, watches, bags, glasses are best sellers on Bali. Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Ubud are like huge supermarkets with literally thousands of shops along main streets. For incentive groups we organize special shopping tours.


Please rotate map and put Bali just in the middle. Then you will see that Bali is not remote island but lies “just in the middle of Asia”. Within 1-3 hours flight are many popular tourist destinations which may be combined with stay on Bali ( Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Borneo, Komodo, Jayakarata, Sulawesi, Lombok, Phuket and many others ). Extended network of low costs carriers links Bali with those popular tourist destinations. Many attractions are available as one or two days trip from Bali ( Jayakarta and Borobodur, Bromo volcano, Lombok).


Are you golfer? We have 5 world class golf courses on Bali. Nirvana is counted as one of most amazing and spectacular in the World. Really it’s hard to be bored on Bali ….


Sorry. This attraction is not available on Bali ….