Incentive on Bali

Bali is just Paradise for Incentive organizers.

Few reasons: 
•Perfect light tropical climate on coastal areas and moderate subtropical climate in island interior allowing for travel round the year
•About 400 big hotels matching highest international demand for services
•Few dozen hotels with conference facilities
•Three huge Convention Centers
•Dozens of restaurants with any kind of food requested
•Beach Clubs, Night Clubs, large discos & bars for night entertainment.
•Extensive network of flights linking Bali with Europe, Asia and Americas
•Unique culture & architecture and amazing landscapes which makes trip unforgettable
•Warm hospitality of local people which reality not only commercial slogan
•Possibility of creating any kind of programs include team buildings, light adventure, sightseeing, cruising, diving, cycling,  ocean kayaking, jungle trekking, volcano climbing, off-road riding, cooking classes, folkloric gala dinners, SPA & Yoga experience.
•Enjoy ALL INCLUSIVE hotels ( only on Bali available such a service in this part of globe )
Everything possible to do within day-trip diameter from your hotel ! 
Highlights of incentive programs on Bali could be: 
** Police honor escort from airport to hotel and during excursions! It makes that guests feel really as VIPs and makes your incentive on Bali exceptional.
** sightseeing tours by convoy of luxury limousines Alphard escorted by Police – this service is much cheaper than in Europe or America and make things possible  on Bali what is impossible to do in Europe or America due to high costs !
** amazing Gala Dinner with real Royal Family attended by hundreds of villagers performing traditional dances and songs.
** Temple blessing ceremony with Balinese priests – an spiritual experience.
** elephant ride followed by “dinner with elephants”
** best white water rafting in the World !!! ( for incentive groups )
** cooking classes & village activities include plowing of rice terraces !!
** private catamaran cruise with “Pirates party” on board
** Beach Party with dinner
** self-driven SUV convoy
** night climbing to volcano to observe sunrise with surprising “elegant breakfast” on summit !
And many many others….
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Incentive in Indonesia

Incentive trip to Indonesia is usually combined as a trip to Bali ( or Jakarta ) with additional program in country side. Jakarta has about 50 big international hotels where conference can be done. After conference in Jakarta (or Bali) highlights of incentive programs in Indonesia could be :

  • 3 days program in Jayakarta – cultural and spiritual capital of Indonesia where stunning temples Borobodur and Prabanan are griping people.
  • Impressive Ramayana ballet and private dinner on background of laser lighted Prabanan Temple
  • “Travel to the Moon” – trekking and 4WD into Bromo volcano.
  • Travelling by train ( just for fun) from Jakarta to Jogyakarta
  • 3 days exploring Tana Toraja culture on Sulawesi island – one of the most strange cultures of the World
  • 3 days trip to Komodo islands to spot legendary Komodo dragons
  • 2 days visit on Lombok island – to explore Sassak culture ( 5 days if climbing to magnificent Rinjani volcano )
  • 2-3 days stay in basic category hotel on Gili Islands – just to be isolated for while from the rest of the World.

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Incentive in Thailand & Cambodia

Bangkok is huge mega-city with several Convention Centers and more than 200 big hotels with conference facilities. Big 5* hotels with conference centers are also located everywhere in Thailand so it’s just matter of agenda of your trip. Business part of your incentive trip can be realized beside Bangkok also in: Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Koh Samui, Krabi, Hua Hin, Cha Am. Thailand has extensive network of domestic flights, roads are excellent so those are not logistic problems in this country. Hotel gastronomy is on highest world level and outside of hotels are countless number of restaurants so almost every demand can be fulfilled. Highlights of incentive programs in Thailand could be :

  • Exploring exotic floating market by boats.
  • Overnight on … floating bamboo Rafts Hotel on river Kwai in the middle of jungle
  • Jungle elephant trekking with Mon tribe people and dinner in Mon village
  • Regatta on self-made bamboo rafts on Kwai river
  • Transvestite show in Pattaya
  • Tuk-tuk convoy ride in Bangkok
  • Luxury cruising on Andaman sea
  • Dinner and entertainment on 60th floor in Sky Bar
  • Gourmet Festival include “seafood orgy”
  • 2-3 days relax on fabulous beaches of Koh Samui or Phuket Incentive trips to Cambodia mostly goes to Siem Reap.

Program is Siem Reap can easily be combined with stay in Thailand or Vietnam as those are many daily flights linking Siem Reap with Bangkok, Hanoi, DaNang or Ho Chi Minh City. Length of stay in Siem Reap is minimum 2 nights but recommended is 3-4. In Siem Reap at the moment is close to 500 hotels and almost 100 are matching demand for corporate travel once 10 hotels are high end 5* category. Highlights of incentive programs in Cambodia could be :

  • Gala Dinner in between stunning ruins of magnificient Angkor Wat temples
  • Dinner in Khmer Community Centre in village close to Angkor
  • APSARA dance show with dinner
  • visiting Angkor Wat by tuk tuks or by bikes
  • 4WD country side tour
  • jungle trekking through butterfly valley to hidden under water temple
  • night entertainment on Pub Street Travel agents and event planners may find detailed offers and quotations on Travel Agents section.
Incentive in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia continuously are one of the top destination for MICE markets both in Europe and Americas. One of the reasons of popularity is large number of big luxury hotels with convection and conference facilities and perfect offer for theme dinners in hotels. Most recommended program for incentive group is combine trip : Kuala Lumpur plus extension on Borneo, or Langkawi or Penang islands. Network of domestic flights is very dense so there is no problem with moving even large incentive groups within country. Road and highways network is just excellent matching highest European or American standards. In Kuala Lumpur are two huge hotels with “entertainment machine”  where almost every demand can be fulfilled. Highlights of incentive programs in Malaysia could be :

  • Dinner on height 330 meters in revolving restaurant in Kuala Lumpur
  • Tea harvesting in Cameron highlands ( certain period only)
  • Overnight in Longhouse on Borneo
  • Spotting wild orangutans and visiting orangutan rehabilitation centre
  • Breakfast with orangutans
  • Overnights in the middle of real jungle in Sarawak
  • Overnight in World’s most remote … Hilton
  • Night climbing to highest East Asian peak
  • White water rafting on Kiulu river
  • Canopy walk in Sarawak and Sabah
  • Off-road ride by 4WD
  • Long boats cruise for 12h from Mulu to Miri
  • Exploring biggest cave system on Earth
  • Meeting with cute proboscis monkeys in wild
  • Spotting raflessia – biggest flower on the Earth
  • Theme head-hunters  dinner in Kota Kinabalu
  • Relax on wide white sandy beaches of Penang or Langkawi.
  • Exploring unique culture of UNESCO World’s Heritage site Melakka.

Incentive program can be also combine with Singapore as there is number of direct flights linking Singapore with Kuching and Kota Kinabalu Travel agents and event planners may find detailed offers and quotations on Travel Agents section.

Incentive in Singapore

In most of the cases incentive groups are realizing program in Singapore as part of combine trip with neighboring Bali, or Malaysia ( Borneo ) or on the way from Europe/USA to Australia. Usually length of stay in Singapore is 2-3 days and groups continue to Malaysia, Bali or Australia. In a case of stay only in Singapore it’s possible to enrich program by short visit in Malaysia in Melakka , UNESCO World’s Heritage site. Event planners must be prepared for higher than usual budgets as hotels and transport means in Singapore are among most expensive in the world. Highlights of incentive programs in Singapore could be :

  • Dinner in capsule of Singapore Flyer
  • Bumboat chartered cruise on Singapore river
  • Universal Studios visit
  • Imperial Chinese Dinner
  • Party on the roof of most expensive building in the World
  • Visiting biggest aquarium in the World
  • Entering Sentosa theme park by cable car
  • Exclusive shopping tour on one of the most elegant shopping street on the Planet.

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Hong Kong is one of Mega-Cities and one of the most crowded places in the world. Dozens of world’s class hotels giving very wide choice of accommodation for incentive groups. Most demanded and prestigious ones are located in Victoria and Kawloon and are facing sea. It’s highly recommended to plan trip to Hong Kong & Macau well for advance as recently because massive incoming traffic from China hotels are running full round the year. Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities in the World so planned budget for visiting Hong Kong must be respectively high. Highlights of incentive programs in Hong Kong could be :

  • Private Junk cruise
  • Lunch or dinner in huge floating restaurants
  • Dim sum making classes
  • Tai-Chi morning exercises with local people
  • Treasure hunting program in Kawloon
  • Dragon boat race
  • Lion dance welcoming ceremony
  • Gala Dinner on top of Victoria Peak
  • Lunch @ Stanley Market – one of Hong Kong’s oldest settlements.
  • Dinner cruise on Junk
  • Get lost in Venetian Macau – biggest casino in the World
  • “Dancing water” show in Macau

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Incentive in Vietnam

Highly recommended destination for MICE market. In recent 10 years many hotel’s and infrastructure investments have been finished making this country perfect destination for incentive groups. Additionally hotel’s, restaurant’s, Convention Center’s staff is ambitious and improved level of services into world level and now competing sharply with “older brother” Thailand. Vietnam has few strong points for incentive trips. Is still cheaper than “older destinations” as Thailand and Malaysia and quality of service is same or even higher. It’s recommended to “hurry up” with visiting Vietnam as prices due to fast economical development are growing inexorably. HaLong Bay has been chosen in global voting as one of 7 Wonders of the World, food famous of its freshness is delicious and not spicy as in Thailand, extensive network of domestic flights by Vietnam Air and low costs airlines makes travelling easy and cheap, impressive cities as Hue an Hoi Anh, exotic and crowded Hanoi and Saigon makes trip unforgettable and accommodation in luxury beach resorts in DaNang makes trip comfortable. Highlights of incentive programs in Vietnam could be :

  • Morning walking tour in Hanoi
  • Ha Long cruise on chartered junk boat
  • Unique Gala Dinner in cave in the middle of Ocean on HaLong Bay
  • Biking through Hoi Anh UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Royal Dinner at Imperial Citadel
  • Calligraphy lessons in temple
  • “Crab catching” experience on mangrove river
  • Rowing boats in Ninh Binh beautifill landscapes
  • Trekking in between rice terraces and visiting local tribes in North Vietnam
  • Mekhong delta cruises
  • Exploring Cu Cui Vietkong tunnels
  • Relax in wonderful beach resorts in DaNang
  • Stay in perhaps most amazing hotel in the world ( ask us for this secret )

Program in Vietnam can easily be combined with 2-3 days visit in Angkor Wat as daily is number of direct flights linking Hanoi, DaNang and Saigon with Siem Reap. Travel agents and event planners may find detailed offers and quotations on Travel Agents section.